Application has been submitted

A confirmation of your application has also been sent to your email address.

Next Steps:

The next step in the application process is a personal interview conducted at the Baptist Children's Home office or group home. In some circumstances, when distance prohibits an on-site interview, a telephone interview may be conducted.

The purpose of the interview is to gather additional pertinent information, to answer any questions you may have, and to familiarize the child and you with Baptist Children's Home. During the interview the child may have an opportunity to visit the group home and school.

The interview will be scheduled through the BCH office. The interview process usually takes two to three hours.


After the interview, the Baptist Children's Home staff will further review the information to determine if placement will be appropriate.

Within 3-4 days following the interview, the Baptist Children's Home will notify the parent/guardian about the acceptance of the child.

If you child is accepted for placement the following is required (as applicable):

  • Original birth certificate or immigration paperwork (I-94)
  • Child's Social Security card (original)
  • Parents' Divorce Decree
  • Guardianship/custody papers
  • Adoption Decree
  • Reports from medical specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists
  • Physical Exam (within 3 months of placement) (must include vision and hearing screenings)
  • Dental Exam (within 6 month prior to admission)
  • Mantoux TB skin test (negative) or chest X-ray

All applicable items must be on file at time of placement. The child's family case manager will discuss with the family what other items to bring at placement.