Our children are like we were


“People are more important than things.” “Treat others how you want to be treated.” “Hard work pays off.”

We did not fully appreciate these instructions as children, but now we do as parents and houseparents. Our parents’ teachings now return to mind. Because of our parents, we are able to recall childhood lessons and pass them on to our children. We are grateful that much of what we were taught was based on the Bible. Thankfully, we can teach each child what it looks like to love God and live according to His Word.

The children we care for are from various backgrounds and experiences, but one thing never changes: God’s Word applies to everyone. Daily we teach and train from God’s Word. Here are some of the lessons we have taught recently: 

· Be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances

· Honor the Lord with your first fruits

· Do everything without grumbling and complaining

· Trust in the Lord with all of your heart


Our children are like we were. There are times when they resist our words of wisdom and experience, and determine to chart their own paths. Yet, we thank the Lord there are many times when our children are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

We were recently blessed by hearing from Jerry, a previous BCH graduate, who is finishing up his third year at a Christian university pursuing a degree in Business. Even though his semester was difficult, he is doing very well. We told him how proud we are of him. We can see how Jerry is successfully putting these important lessons into practice.

We are thankful that our efforts are never in vain. We praise the Lord that we have a part in this great work. We understand that good parenting lessons can be tough, but by faith we implement them anyway, knowing in the end it is best for the children. We are “seed-sowers” of God’s Word, and we trust Him for the increase!

We are privileged to be partners with you and are blessed by your generous support. The love and care you provide is powerful. It gives our children a brighter future. Our hope is that one day they too will be godly mothers and fathers.

May God bless you and your family this Mother’s and Father’s Day!

 Thank you,

Billy and Sarah Bosquez

P.S. Honor a loved one today by giving a gift in memory or honor of a special parent.