Meet Scott and Maggie Kigar

Scott and Maggie Kigar come to us with over 30 years of ministry experience. Scott was an Associate pastor focusing primarily in Youth and Christian Education ministries. Over the years, Maggie worked alongside Scott with youth, and discipled young women. Both Scott and Maggie have taught children, worked in Awana, and taught in Sunday School & Bible studies. The Kigars served most recently at First Baptist Church of Rochester, MI.

Q: What caused you to be a part of the BCH Staff

A: The short answer is that we followed God’s clear leading. We praise God for how he works in the “big” and “small” things of life to shape us into who He wants us to be for Him.

Q: How did you first get involved with Baptist Children’s Home?

A: It was a combination of two crucial events. We took a group of teens from our church in the Akron, Ohio area to do work projects at some of the homes. This was our introduction to the important ministry that BCH does every day. After transitioning to FBCR, Maggie and I were invited to a dinner where we heard about the ministry BCH was beginning in Liberia. We saw the devastation and misery that years of civil war brought upon the country. We heard accounts of believers taking in orphans and local churches banding together to help children with nothing and no one. 

Q: Didn’t the needs overwhelm you?

A: Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that the needs are truly overwhelming. Worldwide, there are millions upon millions of children who are in crisis. That concept can stun and immobilize anyone. But this is where Jesus and His Gospel makes all the difference. We were compelled by the example of Christ and by the clear instruction that Jesus’ own earthly brother gave us in James 1:27.

Q: How did you respond to the needs of children that BCH was trying to meet?

A: We responded in part because of the integrity of Baptist Children’s Home. Leadership, office staff, house parents, and their foreign counterparts are all about caring for orphaned, needy and disadvantaged children. They provide every aspect of a child’s care in the context of a loving Christian home. I can only describe our response as a gut-level conviction that with so much need, we had to do something. We determined we had to live differently so that we could support BCH, personally, and still do today.

Q: What were some ways you were involved with Baptist Children’s Home?

A: We had a wonderful church family and Senior Pastors (Tom Townsend and Mark Cizauskas) that were very supportive of Baptist Children’s Home. We organized and led a number of Mission Trips and food drives over the years. God eventually allowed Scott to serve as a BCH Board member.

Q: In what ways do you serve Baptist Children’s Home as staff members?

A (Maggie): It is a privilege to serve with BCH! In the office, I answer and direct phone calls, help process donations, and send out correspondence. I work on special assignments, like linking adult adoptees with their biological parent(s), and talking to groups about Safe Families for Children. I also travel some of the time with Scott to represent the ministry. Everything that we do is for the children God has placed into our care.

A (Scott): I really love connecting people to our ministry. I work with our team to plan projects that will help people make that connection to what we do. I also represent the ministry in churches, at conferences, and at colleges. Whether it be a large group, small group, or an individual, I thoroughly enjoy talking to people about how they can partner with Baptist Children’s Home to care for orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: We really love doing life together! We enjoy music, putting puzzles together (in winter), and bargain shopping. We like to travel and enjoy all kinds of foods and combine the two interests when we visit Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives locations. We are both chocolate and coffee lovers (Scott might actually like flavored creamers). We probably get the most joy out of bird watching. We have seen over 1,500 species and have been to some of the most beautiful places in God’s creation to see them. We are also getting into butterflies. Flying creatures fascinate us!