At Baptist Children's Home we are pleased to provide a full spectrum of care for our children in India. We work with Indian nationals and churches to care for 483 children. Through Agape Royal Ministries we have 16 homes in which we care for 305 children. Our partnership with Faith Baptist Ministries in the Hyderabad vicinity allows us to care for 43 children in 3 homes. Through our partnership with New Testament Baptist Churches (NTBCA) in Northeast India we care for 135 children in our 5 homes.

We strive to provide more than just basic care for our children. We give them good, nutritious meals...rice is a must! They have a home and Christian houseparents who care for them. The children attend school and church. The children are good at memorizing Scripture and learning songs. When we are able to visit we see the children having fun outside. We want to provide a loving, stable home, but we also want to give them many wonderful childhood memories.

Some of our children have grown up in our homes and returned to teach in the local schools or help support the group homes. That is a special blessing of ministry.

The pictures below are from our Faith Baptist Ministries partnership.