Sarah's Kitchen

Sarah and Michael Hawley are the houseparents at Witmar Lodge in St. Louis, Michigan. The home was built in 1972. Within the next year, the Hawleys will prepare this kitchen’s 50,000th meal.

This kitchen has seen many years of wear and tear, and it is in need of remodeling. Our estimate for remodeling this kitchen is $15,800.

Sarah's Kitchen.png

From Sarah:

“I’m so pleased to know that our support staff sees the need and value in a well functioning kitchen!  Some of our kitchen’s needs are new cabinets.  Our cabinets have held out as long as they possibly can.  We have one door whose hinges have just given up the fight.  These hinges are pretty outdated and aren’t easily replaced, so we have just placed the door to the side for the time being and let it have its rest.  Thankfully, the stove and our double ovens work. The back splash to the sink has met its match, and our floor needs to be replaced.

But we are very thankful for the kitchen God has blessed us with at Witmar Lodge.  Even though she isn’t the prettiest, we still love her!  And she helps produce some pretty good tasting food!”

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