Safe Families Continues to Make a Positive Impact

Our Safe Families for Children ministry provides short term, emergency homes for children. The children are voluntarily placed with our loving host families from local churches. BCH is the implementer of this program in Northern Indiana. Last year we assisted in the placement of nearly 70 children. Here are two stories of how Christian families are making a positive impact through this wonderful program.


Karen, a single mom with two small children was left homeless. With nowhere to turn, they were forced to sleep in a car. She learned about Safe Families through the local YWCA. She was so relieved to place her two children with one of our host families. Her children have been in our care for three weeks. Karen has worked hard in the meantime to secure a job, find housing, and acquire day care for her children. The family will soon be back together and ready to start a new and better life. Over the phone, Karen told one of our staff, “I just love that host mom.” Our host families are incredible and have made a difference in not only the children’s lives, but also the lives of their parents. 

Amanda’s baby

Amanda’s baby

 Amanda lives in a domestic violence shelter and has no home. She has a young baby, but domestic violence shelters can be a poor environment in which to raise a child. Thankfully, she heard about Safe Families. She contacted our office, and we quickly found a host family willing to care for her baby for an indefinite period of time. When speaking about her host family, Amanda said, “I am so appreciative of their kindness.” Thanks to so many willing Christians, we can make a positive impact on people from all walks of life. By giving to the Baptist Children’s Home, you make these stories possible. Thank you so much!


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