Ravathi Turns to God

In the middle of India, a child turns from idols to Christ through a story of His grace. Ravathi was born into a Hindu family and had a very difficult childhood. Her mother has serious mental health issues, and her father is a poor, unskilled day laborer.

Several years ago her mom deserted the family. This left her father looking for help to care for his child. Thankfully, he heard about our Hebron Home. Even though he is Hindu, he knew that our Christian home was the best place for Ravathi.

When Ravathi came into care, she knew nothing about Jesus. Through our houseparents’ discipleship and prayer and by attending church each week, she learned about all Jesus had done for her.  

Ravathi decided to place her trust in Jesus Christ. Once in awhile she visits her father, but she stands for her faith, and no longer worships Hindu gods with him. Please pray for her spiritual development and that her father may find the Lord.