New Adoption Bill

Dawn, Representative Michael Aylesworth, and Linda after the signing

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A bill to stop valid adoptions from being wrongly voided through a current loophole passed the Indiana Senate today and can now be signed into law by the governor. House Bill 1048, authored by Republican State Representative Mike Aylesworth of Hebron, would remove a part of the Indiana Code that requires the National Department of Health and Human Services to check the nonexistent National Registry of Substantiated Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect when performing background checks on families looking to adopt.

Representative Aylesworth says the step was placed within the Indiana Code in anticipation of the registry being established, but the registry was never created, making a very difficult process even more challenging.

“In removing a requirement that is impossible for prospective guardians or parents to meet, this bill would ensure legitimate adoptions won’t be ruled invalid,” Aylesworth said.  “Indiana continues to encourage and support adoption as the General Assembly looks for ways to help provide loving homes to children who need it.”

All other requirements, including local background checks, would still be in effect as part of the adoption process in an effort to safely grant qualified families the ability to adopt.