Happy National Coffee Day!

Friday, September 29th, was National Coffee Day, so the girls in our Elkhart, Indiana group home went to Krispy Kreme for donuts and a free coffee. Sporting their Krispy Kreme hats, they next browsed through Pier 1 Imports. When the employees asked the girls about their hats and laughter-filled evening, the girls playfully described the delicious choices at the donut shop. The employees quipped back with comments of how their mouths were watering, but they had to remain in their store to work. 


After leaving the store, Aunt Angela suggested that the girls surprise the Pier 1 employees.  Aunt Angela said it was wonderful to watch the girls as they drove back to Krispy Kreme. The girls all pitched in with their own money and bought a dozen donuts. They returned to Pier 1 with donuts and free coffee for the employees. The girls giggled and chatted with excitement and, after a few practice runs, were ready to exclaim, "Happy National Coffee Day. God loves you and so do we!"

The girls all pitched in with their own money and bought a dozen donuts

The employees were stunned and stated, "Wow! No one has ever done anything like this before!" and "This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me all day.” One lady said that we should take a picture and send it to a famous talk show host who has announced a giveaway of $25,000 to the charity of choice for people who do nice things for others.

Our girls burst out in laughter shouting, "We ARE a charity!!" They then took the opportunity to share how they have come to reside at the Baptist Children's Home.

Once back in the van, the girls unanimously agreed that giving made them feel wonderful and thanked their relief houseparents for "letting" them do something that made their day so rewarding!