At a Moment's Notice

Because of wonderful people like you, more than 800 orphaned, needy and disadvantaged children have the essential care that they need. We provide good food, education, medicine, and a warm, safe place to grow up. Our houseparents combine that good care with the Gospel and raise the children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. All of this comes together to offer our children a great foundation in life.

Your care, concern, and support give help and hope.

Recently, a desperate single mother of three was arrested in error. This mom later lost her home and had emergency surgery. She needed help immediately and time to make arrangements for her young children and herself. 

We took her children into care, and she was relieved and thankful. This loving mother is now reunited with her children in a healthy and stable home.

Hannah, age 15

Hannah lives in Myanmar. Her parents divorced when she was just five years old. Her mother remarried, but Hannah was not welcomed into the new family. Sadly, this tragedy happens to children all over the world who are the helpless victims of divorce and dysfunctional family life.

Hannah came into our care in 2007 and is a bright young lady who loves to express herself though writing. She also loves to sing and has sung special music a few times in church. Hannah is a responsible person, and this past summer she was an assistant in a Christian preschool that is reaching out to Buddhist families.

Hannah lives in our group home in Tiddim, Myanmar.  Making a positive difference in the lives of young people like Hannah is what we are all about!

Hannah is wearing a yellowish paste on her cheeks called thanaka. Thanaka is made from tree bark and is a skin care product. It is commonly worn in Myanmar.

If we had the resources, we could easily double the number of children we care for in the United States, India, Liberia, Myanmar, and Nepal.

Your 2017 Year-End gift will help us to finish out the year strong, and it will give us the needed resources to be ready to serve children like the three little ones and Hannah at a moment’s notice.

The more resources God blesses us with, the more children we can help. Double the funding means double the impact. With your help we want to step up to do even more. Join with us to protect, care, and reach children.

Thank you for your loving care.

Happy New Year!

With Love,

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