Welcome Baby Jeremiah!

We have had a baby boy added to Baptist Child Caring Foundation (BCCF) in Liberia (West Africa). Three days ago Dumber Hospital in Gbarnga called me to tell me about a child who had just been born.

His mother had to walk many miles before getting to the hospital. By the time she arrived at the hospital, she was completely helpless. The doctor tried to save them both, but the mother died only few minutes after she delivered her child.


Help children in need like Jeremiah :

There is superstition in most of these villages that such a child is not worthy to live, and should never ever be brought back into the village. No one was willing to take the baby, but his uncle thought of BCCF to care for the baby.

They quickly called me to come to Gbarnga to come and take the child. I named him Jeremiah. Praise the Lord for little Jeremiah! The Lord knows the best.

Pastor Togba, Liberia Country Director

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