I do not doubt whether or not I am loved...

Musu Scott

I am from Monrovia, Liberia and came to the U.S. at the age of ten. This was a huge blessing; it opened many opportunities like all the love and support that I need. I came to BCH when I was 11. Everything was rough; I felt like nothing good was going to come out of being away from my home for about seven years. I was wrong. While in the group home, I made many friends. People constantly prayed for and supported me, which showed that people cared. This has brought me nothing but the best.

I now live in a home where I do not doubt whether or not I am loved. I will be attending Penn State Abington. I am not sure of my major, but I hope to give back as much as I have received. 

"When God called us to take Musu into our home two years ago, we hoped to be a blessing to her, but she has been a blessing to us in ways we didn't expect. It has been a privilege to care for, love, and teach her. We will miss her as she steps into this next big chapter. Musu is a natural encourager with her ready smile and willing heart. We know God is going to work mightily through her." - Amanda & Steve, Musu's Host Family, Safe Families for Children


Eleaya Oswald

Thank you for your many prayers. My parents were houseparents when I was born. I can truly look back and say that growing up in the group homes has been a blessing and has shaped me as a person. God has used every single person to help me grow in my walk with Him and my relationships. I will be attending Word of Life Bible Institute in New York. I plan on entering the mission field. God has not pointed out the exact place where He wants me to serve Him, but I am sure this will be made clear in the future.

We pray that you will continue to cultivate your many gifts and talents and grow in your knowledge of who you are in Christ. We know God’s Spirit can empower you to overcome all of life’s tough experiences. We pray your inside beauty will outshine any circumstance and those around you will always see God shining through you. Continue following God. We look forward to rejoicing with you as you discover what God has in store for your future. 3 John 1:4: I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in Truth.  We love you, Dad & Mom

(Eleaya is the daughter of Jeff and Rayna Oswald. Jeff is the BCH Michigan Director.)