Harvest 2018

I would not have believed it if I had not seen if for myself. I was visiting with some of our wonderful supporters when I walked out on their back deck. They had tomato plants there that were eight feet tall! I asked them how they got the plants to grow so large, and they named a number of things that they had done — including using a special plant food.

They showed me the bottle, and it mentioned that this plant food could help one grow tomato plants up to eight feet tall. I never would have believed that advertisement on the bottle unless I had seen the plants for myself!

blueberry picking.jpeg

Our friends are not only good backyard gardeners, they are professional farmers. Farmers know what it takes to nurture plants and give them the opportunity for maximum growth and yields. Farming is a vigilant lifestyle, as farmers are always monitoring their crops for threats and influences that need attention.

Raising children well requires vigilance too. It involves getting positive input into a child’s life and mitigating the negative input. Parents try to create a nurturing atmosphere for the children to thrive. Parenting is a vigilant lifestyle as well.

This year, as we again reap the benefits of the harvest, would you please kindly remember to help support your mission field of orphaned, needy, and disadvantaged children? We are so happy to be associated with people like you, who remember to share your love and blessings with our children.

With love,

Bill Brittain, President