More Than a Kitchen

I am excited to tell you some more amazing ministry from a group of wonderful people! Maple Lodge received a beautiful brand new kitchen remodel—and they did it in a week!! They also mowed the entire property, painted, gardened the flowers, cleaned, and ministered to their youth group!

We were able to be a part of new friendships, teaching God’s Word, hard work, tears, joy, hardship, music worship, sickness, more work, testimonies, games, times of peace, times of great noise, more work, and oh yes a new kitchen in the midst of all this!

We would be unable to minister to our children without your hands folded in prayer and working so hard for a living and choose to bless us. Thank you to Washington Heights Baptist Church, Faith Baptist Church of Mason City, First Baptist Berlin for all the work you did! Thank you, the servants of Jesus, who stand with us as we teach the love of Jesus to hurting hearts of children!