It's Why We're Here: Meet the Karliks

You’re on call 24/7, a private conversation is a luxury, and your energy level needs a lot of encouragement.

You’re Brian and Stephanie Karlik, BCH Houseparents in Elkhart, Indiana. Brian and Stephanie, parents to four biological children (Elisabeth, Sarah, Nathan, and Grace), have provided care for BCH kids for the past year.

They left their pastoral ministry to move to Elkhart. Stephanie explains how it started: “Linda (Brooks from BCH) had our family move into the home first, so we could settle in and establish our routines. Then the BCH kids moved in. Our children (Nathan and Grace) had to make big adjustments, sharing their home and their parents. This helped a lot.”

The Karliks have been married 23 years. After meeting at Moody Bible Institute, they married and decided to say yes to God.

Their ministry included roles in youth ministry, the pastorate, and overseas missionary work in West Africa. Brian put it this way: “God asked us to yield specific things to him – our possessions, our home. Now that we’re houseparents, He has asked us to surrender our time to Him. All our time – day and night.”

What do the Karliks find rewarding about their lives and their ministry?

They mentioned blessing after blessing. They get hugs. Office staff prays for each of their children every day, by name. Their birth kids have peers to hang out with, whether it’s riding bikes, playing board games, or sharing prayer time. Donors are kind and creative. One lady bakes and brings a cake for each child’s birthday. Donors have given gift cards for ice cream or a dinner out, which is a special treat for a large family. So their family is able to have fun and make memories, thanks to thoughtful donors. First Baptist Church Elkhart, partners with BCH, provides constant encouragement and support.

Most of all, the Karliks wish to thank everyone involved in BCH ministries for their prayers.

Office staff and Care share friends pray for each child by name, every day. Brian and Stephanie ask for continued prayer for their BCH home. Brian closed with this: We pray that the children in our care will experience the peace that passes understanding; that they will love the Lord with all their hearts, soul, strength and their minds.
We were able to see one of our young ladies (See Delaney’s update, pg 4) learn to trust the Lord, and then give her heart to Him. It took months of talking and prayer. And it’s why we are here.”