I have no greater joy

The reality of John’s statement “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (III John 4), rings so true in my heart. For more than sixty years, God has been using His servants at the Baptist Children’s Home to parent children who, for various reasons, are not able to be with their parents for a period of time. God uses gifts from people like you to make this work possible.

Delaney at her baptism

Delaney at her baptism

The greatest privilege we have at the Baptist Children’s Home is to be used as tools in the hand of God to share His Truth with those He brings into our homes. Houseparents Brian and Stephanie Karlik have recently experienced some of the fruit of their labor and the miracle of new birth in a young lady they have been pouring the Truth and their lives into for the last eight months. When Delaney arrived at their home last spring, she communicated very clearly and very often that she was an atheist. The Karliks responded with love and patience and asked that she remain respectful to them as they lived out and shared the Word of God with her and the others in the home. She agreed to this, and for the most part held to her word, although still regularly stating that she did not believe.

One evening during Christmas break from school that all changed. Delaney asked her houseparents to come into her room where she communicated that she believed in God and was ready to receive the gift of salvation that the Lord Jesus Christ had provided. Brian and Stephanie were there to experience Delaney’s first steps of walking in Truth. During the first month of her walk, she has allowed the Karliks to guide, direct, and teach her in many areas along the way. Most recently, Brian had the privilege of baptizing Delaney at their local church to proclaim her identity in Christ! Please pray for Delaney.

Thank you for your continued support that allows our team to love, evangelize and disciple those God entrusts to our care.

Jeff Oswald Michigan Director