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Prayer Needed for Our Liberian Partners
Ebola Update

Pastors David Quinah and James Togba are two leaders in our partnership to care for children in Liberia. We spoke with them today and they described the difficult situation facing their country because of the Ebola outbreak.  At this point, all of our foster families and children are healthy.  None of them has contracted the virus.  We ask you to pray for God’s continued protection on our precious families.

 Containment of the virus is very important, yet some people are traveling around the country and not telling those they come in contact with that they already have symptoms of the virus.  In an effort to stop the spread of the virus, churches and stores have buckets with chlorine water at the doors.  People are instructed to disinfect their hands before they come in and when they leave. Chlorine and Clorox bleach are now becoming scarce. 

There is a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; this is a time to refrain from embracing.
— Pastor James Togba in regard to stopping the spread of the Ebola virus.
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Pastor Togba says, “This is a time to refrain from embracing” to the people who wonder why they cannot shake hands or greet their friends in an embrace.  We care for 18 children and operate a Christian school in Lofa County. Lofa County is one of the counties experiencing the highest outbreak of Ebola in Liberia.  In one village alone, 30% of the people are infected.  There is no cure for an Ebola infection.  
We cannot imagine how difficult this situation is for these people who are already in poverty.  When Jim and I visited Liberia in May we spoke in a church of 125 people.  In that church, the leaders knew of only three people who had full-time jobs.  So imagine the devastating impact of being forced to stay at home and not work  under these already difficult economic conditions.

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We are awaiting further instructions from our colleagues of how we can help them specifically. Soon the need for food may become a serious problem, especially because people are being held back from working and the little income they received from it.
Please pray.  Pray for the safety of our children and friends, for the people of Liberia, and for containment of this terrible virus.  We, with our Liberian friends, continue to lean on the Lord. 
With love,
Bill Brittain
P.S. Presently, we care for 197 children in  Liberia. Many of those children are in foster homes. Please pray for the health and safety of these families.