Welcome Home, Vanessa!

You may be wondering who “Vanessa” is. Vanessa is the name we gave to the van we hoped to purchase with our 2013 Vacation Bible School offerings. Children from 69 churches across the United States brought in their nickels, dimes and quarters to raise enough money for us to bring Vanessa home! (I’m sure many moms and dads helped with some larger gifts as well.) Vanessa is a 2013 Ford LXLT 350, 15 passenger van. The McConnell family drives this van, and this family fills every one of those 15 seats. When we asked the children what they thought of Vanessa they said:


 “It’s clean, white, big and holds a lot of people.”

· “Has four seats and is big enough for our family.”

· “I like the eyelashes.”

· “It’s nice and clean and seems brand new.”