Our Source of Wisdom & Strength

What a blessing to look back over the calendar and see how many opportunities God has given us to start building relationships with this dear group of children in Michigan!

BCH Movie Night

BCH Movie Night

Spring break started, and with it came all sorts of fun activities for the children to enjoy in their vacation from school. One of these activities was roller skating with the Lawson family. It was such a fun time to spend getting to interact with their kids–and getting some exercise! Later that week, as many BCH staff as could come, piled onto the couches in the Lawson's living room to have a "BCH Movie Night." This also was a special time with the children and other staff. During every chance to work together or visit, we have been so encouraged by God that we serve with this great group of people.

Also, please join us in praying for the children. “Aunt Bekah and Uncle Samuel” are a new addition to their BCH family, and changes like that are hard and sometimes confusing to them. We ask that you would specifically pray that even this time of adjustment would be used by God to further His work in their lives.

Other main events in our month have included giving Jake and Tracy Lawson a night out (which also served as training); a special training day in Elkhart, IN with staff members Brian and Stephanie Karlik and Adam and Amy Bauman; and then going into the McConnell’s home to do our first regular time of relief houseparenting.

Especially as we served as relief houseparents for the first time, God has shown us this is all about Him and what He is doing in the lives of these children. In particular we loved those few minutes in between bedtime stories and as the children began to drift off to sleep. In those moments, as we prayed with the children and asked them what concerns they would like to bring to our Father, the things they shared revealed the beauty of God's work in their young hearts. It is such a gift to be able to witness this every night that we are in a home.

We are learning more and more to depend on the strength God gives us when we ask, but sometimes we realize we have started acting as if we are sufficient in our own strength. With this mindset we are sure to fail. So please pray with us that we would wholly rely on God to be our source of wisdom and strength as we work inside and outside of the group homes.

Thank you always for your prayers and support, 

Samuel & Bekah