Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to tell the people in our life how much we love them. Here is a story of how your gift shows children how much you love them and care about their future. Your generosity makes it possible for us to care for children like Aiden and Emma.

With Love,

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Bill Brittain, President

Emma (3) not helping with laundry

I wish I could show you what your generosity means to families who are facing a crisis. Because of you, we are able to help children in families facing devastating circumstances—homelessness, illness, isolation, poverty, job loss, loneliness, and sometimes all of these things at the same time.

Many times they have lost all hope that anyone cares about them. A parent a few weeks ago called and said, “I had no idea that a place like this even existed. The only people who help me want something in return.”

Aiden and Emma’s family was in crisis. They had moved with their mother into a shelter. Their mother knew she needed something more for her children, and she needed time to give her children a stable living environment.

Aiden and Emma stayed with two of our families while their mom worked toward stability for them by finishing school. Months passed, and eventually the family was re-united. 

Your gift will help reach a mission field of people who have probably never entered a church.

A few months after Aiden and Emma went home, their mother called again. Their dad has just lost his job, and they were having difficulty finding a safe place to live and pay their bills. Aiden and Emma were able to come back and stay with the same families who had cared for them before.

During this time, mom and dad were able to continue to work and meet their goals, and eventually the children went back home. One of our volunteer couples was asked to be Emma’s god-parents. In November, Aiden and Emma’s mother called to say how thankful she was for all the help provided for Aiden and Emma. Their family is doing very well, and they are now expecting baby number 3.

Aiden (5) enjoys his breakfast

Your gift will help reach a mission field of people who have probably never entered a church. Through the ministry of Baptist Children’s Home, children from all walks of life have a safe and loving Christian home, if only for a short span of time. Thank you for joining us in caring for families who need the love and hope of God. Your gifts mean that Emma and Aiden and others like them can have a loving home while away from their parents.

With love,


Dawn Loftis, Family Coach

Jessica Denny, Family Co-ordinator