Bikes needed!

Can you help?

Our Elkhart home needs 2 bikes for two of the children in care--Summer and Hali.

Hi, I'm Summer! I'm 6 years old, and I need a small girl's bike to ride in this year's Bike-A-Thon. Can you help?

I'm Hali. I came to live in the Elkhart home just before Christmas. I need a a ladies bike to ride in the Bike-A-Thon, since I'm 14. 

If you are interested in donating toward the purchase of two bikes for Summer and Hali, click the donate button.

If you have a gently used or new bike you would like to donate, or if you would like to purchase a bike to send to Summer and Hali, please Email Us

*Any gifts given over the the amount needed for the bikes will be used for the daily care of children.

Elkhart Home Needs

Would you like to give for the Elkhart home? Below are some items that the Karlik family is requesting...

Our Elkhart family LOVES to play games together.

Our Elkhart family LOVES to play games together.


KanJam-Frisbee Game ($40)

    Croquet set    ($50-$100)


      Electric air pump($25)

        Cordless screw driver ($50)

          Large Gas grill ($200-$250)

            Cotton Queen sheets (mint, cream, blue) ($100) - One set purchased!

              Give Now

              Gift cards to popular retailers to purchase these items are also welcome.

              Happy Mother's Day

              Mothers are such a vital part of a child’s life. On behalf of the children in our care, I would like to thank all of our mothers who help raise the children every day. Will you join me in celebrating our housemothers, relief housemothers, and the many volunteer ladies who have influenced the lives of the thousands of children who have lived in our homes?

              Would you consider impacting the life of a child in honor of a Baptist Children’s Home mother or a special woman in your life?

              I am glad to share with you what Mother’s Day means to our housemother, Sarah. Please see her letter below.

              With Love,

              Bill Brittain, President

              Mother’s Day can be emotional.  It has become this way for me since my mother passed away five years ago.  It also becomes emotional for the children in our care who miss their moms.  Mother’s Day has to be approached with gentleness and understanding.  

              Mother’s Day isn’t all about me being the housemother.  It is a celebration of the women God has given us who have impacted our lives.  The nurturing relationships that are formed with women are different than the relationships that are formed with a man or a father.

              We thank God for the gentleness and different perspectives that women bring. When I approach Mother’s Day with my BCH children, I celebrate that.  I want them to honor the mother that God gave them, but also the special women that God has placed in their lives.


              We will continue our efforts to make an eternal impact on each child who sits at our dinner table.


              We celebrate the relationships God has allowed us to have, and we try to show our children the gratitude I have for these unique and special relationships.

              Hawley Family Tree!

              Hawley Family Tree!

              I appreciate how great my husband is at teaching the children to honor and respect women—something that is often lacking when a child enters our care.  If we can teach them how parents should work as a team with mutual love and respect, then we have given them a special gift.  This gift can keep giving to them as they restore past relationships and as they grow and form new ones.  

              A lot of relationship-building takes place in our kitchen.  As you can imagine, we spend a great deal of time there!  The kitchen is a spot that I like to feel homey and comfortable.  Much of our training takes place right there—surrounded by food preparation, continually hungry stomachs, and unending questions.

              The wear and tear on our kitchen is evident from the use of 12 people, 3 times a day over the years. I am told that our kitchen remodel project is pretty high on the priority list of BCH administration!  This is a Mother’s Day gift all in itself!

              So as you consider giving to this project (“Sarah’s Kitchen”), please know how thankful we are for you. We will continue our efforts to make an eternal impact on each child who sits at our dinner table.

              With Love,

              Sarah Hawley

              P.S. One of our favorite things to make is dessert!  Relief Houseparent Sarah Bosquez introduced us to our favorite dessert. We now enjoy Snickers Apple Salad a couple times a month! I have shared the recipe with you below.  Enjoy!

              Congratulations to Nathan Karlik!

              Nathan Karlik is graduating from Elkhart Christian Academy on May 26, 2017, where he has attended since March 2015. 

              He played soccer, played trumpet in the jazz band, had a role in the school play, handled the sound system for chapels, worked as a teacher's aid, and was chosen to be captain of his Math Bowl team. 

              One of his favorite high school memories is from his debut home soccer game. Within 5 minutes of walking on the field he received a yellow card.  He was so new to the game that he had to ask the ref if he had to leave the field. 

              Nathan has also been active at First Baptist Church of Elkhart where he participates regularly in the sound tech booth and volunteers every Sunday as a small group leader for 1st -3rd grade boys in the children's department.  Nathan plans to enter the United States Air Force as an airborne linguist and departs for basic training on July 11, 2017.

              His favorite verse is Romans 5:3, "Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance." 

              Nathan, we are so proud of the godly character you have shown this year.  We are confident that God will use your diligent effort, kindness towards others, easygoing nature, good humor, and sincere love for Him to give you success in all of your next endeavors.
              Love, Mom & Dad
              — Brian & Stephanie Karlik, Elkhart Houseparents

              Following graduation, Nathan plans to enter the United States Air Force as an airborne linguist and departs for basic training on July 11, 2017.

              Sarah's Kitchen

              Sarah and Michael Hawley are the houseparents at Witmar Lodge in St. Louis, Michigan. The home was built in 1972. Within the next year, the Hawleys will prepare this kitchen’s 50,000th meal.

              This kitchen has seen many years of wear and tear, and it is in need of remodeling. Our estimate for remodeling this kitchen is $15,800.

              Sarah's Kitchen.png

              From Sarah:

              “I’m so pleased to know that our support staff sees the need and value in a well functioning kitchen!  Some of our kitchen’s needs are new cabinets.  Our cabinets have held out as long as they possibly can.  We have one door whose hinges have just given up the fight.  These hinges are pretty outdated and aren’t easily replaced, so we have just placed the door to the side for the time being and let it have its rest.  Thankfully, the stove and our double ovens work. The back splash to the sink has met its match, and our floor needs to be replaced.

              But we are very thankful for the kitchen God has blessed us with at Witmar Lodge.  Even though she isn’t the prettiest, we still love her!  And she helps produce some pretty good tasting food!”

              Read More about Sarah Hawley and Mother's Day here!