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If you have raised teenage boys, I am sure you have experienced a least a little of the unbelief of how many calories a young person can benefit from during their years of growth, as well as the budget crunch they can create. My parents understood this as I grew close to six inches taller and put on about 40 pounds in roughly six months during my high school years. Our family went through a lot of milk and food!

Many of the young people in our care are now entering high school. It has been a blessing to watch them grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. None of this would be possible without your kindness.

Once again, we need your help restocking our food pantry to feed our children in care. Last year we were amazed at the generosity of our supporters as you brought in mounds of food, paper products, cleaning supplies, and grocery store gift cards. You helped us feed all of our growing young people, which allowed us the opportunity to feed them spiritually and provide them a great family environment.

Please invest in the lives of the children here at the Baptist Children’s Home during our annual fall Food Shower.

You can help by providing a donation to purchase dairy products, meats, and fresh fruits & vegetables.

We are so thankful for good people like you,
Jeff Oswald, Michigan Director

Click below for the PDF files of the posters and shopping list:


Indiana Food Shower pick up points