CareShare - Monthly Giving

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Beals Family

St. Louis, MI

Bosquez Family

Michigan House parents

Karlik Family

Elkhart, IN

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Abraham Thomas

Child Care Homes in India

Elkhart, Indiana - The Karlik Family

St. Louis, Michigan- The Bosquez Family

India:  Agape Royal Ministries, Abraham Thomas, Director

St. Louis, Michigan - The Beals Family

One great way to get more involved in the lives of Baptist Children's Home children is through CareShare.  

Our suggested amount is $25 or more a month, as you are able.  Your faithful prayer and giving can impact lives for Christ forever.  CareShare friends receive a monthly update from one of our BCH families.  Through this letter, you will get to know each member of the family.  You will learn their struggles, prayer requests, blessings, and how you can pray for each of them specifically.

Houseparenting is a full-time, front line ministry to struggling families.  As a CareShare partner, please pray for your family and give as God leads.

If you prefer to join a CareShare via mail, please send your gift to:

Baptist Children's Home, 354 West Street, Suite 1, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Please mark your gift as "New CareShare" and designate your choice of home updates to receive.  We look forward to introducing you to a family of Baptist Children's Home!