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Delaney (16, pictured to the left) loved the waterfront activities and the challenge course. She was also dunked in the lake in order to receive the package we sent.

- Brian & Stephanie, Houseparents

"Thank you for sending me to camp!  I had a blast spending time with other Christians and learning about how Awesome our God is.  We spent three days in the woods by a big river.  Not being able to take a shower was probably the hardest part, but the best part was being out in the middle of nowhere and really being able to focus on God and his beautiful creation. Thank you again!"    - Anna (14)

"Thank you for sending me to camp. It was the most amazing week. I made a lot of good friends.  Camp is a great place where kids can be surrounded by a body of believers who are their age and a whole week of non-stop Jesus getting poured into their heads and constantly reminding them of their faith in the Lord which is really good because the world we live in is much too fast and always seems to push us away from God, but camp just brings us back to God which is very cool."   - Jerry (19)

James (14, above) enjoyed an action-packed week at summer camp. He had his deepest thirst quenched as he gave his heart to Jesus, the Living Water! What fabulous news he had for Brian when he was picked up that Saturday morning!

Brian & Stephanie, Houseparents

{P.S. James was also recently baptized by his house father Brian}

Photos credit - Lake Ann Camp & Twin Lakes Camp

"Thank you for paying for me to go to camp. I think Lake Ann Camp is a good place for kids to come and learn more about God and to come closer to Him. What I learned is that I should not keep God to myself, but to share Him with others."  - Charlotte (14)

"Thank you so much for sending me to camp.  I learned so much and I wish it never ended.  I think everyone should go to camp some time in their life because it affects you in ways you can't explain.  God is always going to work in me and make me and even through I might go through tough times, I can rejoice in Him because it's all in His will to make me a stronger person in Christ."

- Mikayden (17)

I liked swimming, capture the flag, and the dunk tank the best.  We had a lot of fun and learned new things.  Thank you for sending us to camp."

- Moses (10, pictured left)



"Many children were able to attend camp,  due to our generous supporters!  We were able to see the excitement as the children packed and then heard the many stories the children had when they returned home. God was, as He always is, very active in the kids’ lives. Please pray that the kids will have the same fire and desire to continue their excitement in learning more about our Creator as they live day to day. Camp can be a great awakening, but putting our faith into practice when we return home to our daily routine, seems tough sometimes."

Rob & Tori McConnell, Houseparents


Avante (11) roasting some marshmallows

"Thank you for sending money for me to go to camp. It was fun. What I liked most about camp was when we went paint-balling."   George (12, above)