Meet Billy and Sarah Bosquez!

Greetings from the Bosquez Family - Billy, Sarah, Bethany, and Maria!

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Billy and Sarah are both Michigan natives and were married in the summer of 2013. They met at a family camp in Michigan that both of their families have been attending for years. They lived in Marion, Indiana and Ann Arbor, Michigan before taking the job as relief houseparents at the Baptist Children’s Home and moving to St. Louis, MI. They are now houseparents in the Witmar home. 
Billy studied Social Work at both Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) and the University of Michigan. He earned a Master of Social Work degree from U of M. Billy enjoys working around the house, playing board games, and almost anything involving speed (motorcycles, roller-blading, snowmobiling, snowboarding, sledding, biking, and even unicycling!). What Billy enjoys most about being a (house)parent is the opportunity to walk alongside children--teaching, challenging, and encouraging them as they learn about God’s perfect plan for their lives!

Bethany and Maria

Bethany and Maria

Sarah graduated from IWU with a degree in TESOL Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She graduated a year before Billy and then worked as a substitute teacher while Billy finished his degree. Being raised on a farm, Sarah developed a fondness for the garden! She enjoys the gardening process and is amazed every year to see how God provides so much from a few small seeds!

Sarah also finds enjoyment in cooking and baking (which is a good thing when you have upwards of 12 people living in your home!). Though Bethany and Maria currently occupy much of her time, Sarah also enjoys being active by playing sports like backyard football, tennis, volleyball, and Frisbee.

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Bethany (March 2014) was born while the Bosquezes lived in the Ann Arbor area. She has adjusted well to life in a group home. She seems to enjoy having a few extra siblings around. She also enjoys coloring, writing letters, playing with Play-Doh, reading books, talking on the phone with family and learning ride her 2-wheel bike! Oh, and she loves her younger sister… sometimes to the point of being over-bearing. ;) 

Maria was born in November of 2016, shortly before Billy and Sarah became the Witmar houseparents. She loves that we live in a group home because the house is so big – there is so much for her to explore! She enjoys walking (and running) around the house and yard! Her favorite activity is playing outside, though she does enjoy reading books and playing with baby dolls and balls. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn about who we are!

We serve a great, big God, and we are excited that you have chosen to partner with us as we serve Him by caring for the kids that He puts in our home! We hope you are encouraged and better able to pray for us as you read our monthly update letters. Thanks!