Bike-A-Thon 2019

Would you choose option A or B?


A.  It’s a beautiful summer morning. The wind is calm, and you are about to enjoy a leisurely ride on your bicycle down a beautifully paved trail. You gently pedal down the path while enjoying the scenery and conversing with other riders around you while thinking about an ice cold water and snack you will enjoy soon.

B.  It’s a humid morning with the sun beating down on your back as you pedal your bike down a never ending path. You wipe the sweat off your face as several bugs hit you. All you want to do is get off this uncomfortable bike and relax in your recliner in the air conditioning with a bag of chips by your side.

These could be two different perspectives regarding our annual Bike-a-Thon fundraiser. I trust that most of those who participate will experience option A. However, I confess that I have experienced at least a portion of option B.


Perhaps the Psalmist had our attitudes in mind when he said, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). We can choose to enjoy the ride and the beauty of creation around us, or we can complain and dwell on the struggle and miss the opportunities that we are given. It’s a choice we make.


When we consider every day as a blessing from God, we keep our thankfulness and our joy.


There are many ways to help keep our attitudes positive. We are told to praise our Creator with a joyful noise and to encourage those around us.

 Your prayers, gifts, and financial support give us encouragement.

Every year we are blown away with your generous gifts towards our Bike-a-Thon, which helps us care for our children. When we see that you have circled the name of the person you want to sponsor, our hearts rejoice.

When you sponsor a rider, we know how much you care. It’s like the applause and cheers that we hear as we finish the bike ride. Thank you for your important contribution to this year’s Bike-a-Thon.

Would you consider joining us at one of our events? Of course you can ride a bike, or just to come see our riders in action. Locations and dates for our events are listed below.

Please pray for us as we raise support for Baptist Children’s Home and get ready for the big event. Thank you for your encouragement and motivation to help us pedal on!

Thank you,

Craig Freyenberger

Bike-a-thon Coordinator


Need more sponsor sheets?

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Join us for Bike-a-Thon 2019!